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Unjunked Reprinted

Unjunked goes in for a reprint, receives rave reviews & a national print excellence award.

Happy Diwali

Diwali Greetings from The Ink Pot.


Introducing our latest service - Commissioned Portraiture.

The Ink Pot Image Bank

Purchase scintillating images for your varied needs or enhance your existing ones!

The Lucky Diary 2016

The wait will soon be over, introducing The Lucky Diary 2016 - Sacred Scripture Edition.

Personalised Stationery

Our personalized stationery celebrates the grace of handwritten correspondence and penmanship. Each design is lovingly fashioned to reflect every facet of your brand’s personality – traditional, modern, quirky, endearing and everything in between. Our creations embrace a sense of style, hand craftsmanship and age-old techniques.

Drop us a line at to know more

Unjunked wins a Certificate of Merit at the National Excellence for Print Awards

The Lucky Diary 2012 wins the Gold at the National Excellence for Print Awards

The Lucky Diary at the Cool Hunting Exhibition


Portraits are a lasting tribute to someone you love, an heirloom for generations to come. A portrait must also be a beautiful painting, not just a likeness. Our paintings will astound you with their realism of character. The soul will be mirrored in the face and eyes. Our goal is to capture the subject exactly, as well as to incorporate the lifestyle and image of the times with background and color. The final outcome should be worthy of a museum and an asset to a home or an office. Various styles and sizes are offered. Pricing is very individual, depending on subject matter, available photographs and content. Please contact us on for more information, and we will send you a sample of our commissioned portraits.

Sacred Strokes

Our new affordable art service ‘Sacred Strokes’ features bespoke, diverse and richly illustrated contemporary Indian devotional art. We work with traditional artists who translate their creative impulses into beautiful and unique pieces that express a personal expression of divinity. Sacred strokes was inspired by our auspicious publication – The Lucky Diary and is ideal gifting for any occasion.

Write to us at for more information

The Little Read Door

The Little Read Door is a unique door created using a collage of book pages complete with a wooden frame and an antique handle to match. We can create this unique, artistic door for a special room or cupboard or any other furniture using book pages and pictures. The visual narrative of the door will be customized as per your interests and the context.We will completely create the door with the wooden frame and a unique doorknob and get it fitted where required.

  • Ideal for a door in the study/den/library and creative office spaces
  • Personalized, one of a kind, conversation starter, affordable art
  • Some ideas for customization: Old Bollywood Poster door, Kitsch door, Black and White or Sepia door, Whimsical Fantasy door for children, Personal Memorabilia door, Gastronomy Door for a Kitchen.

To find out more mail us at

See similar interesting literary accessories at The Old Curiosity Shop or follow us on Twitter for the latest updates.

Cover Story

Cover Story is a service exclusively dedicated to only Book Cover Design. Under this special service we promise to deliver the most spectacular book covers that conform to international publishing standards. At The Ink Pot, we are constantly experimenting and innovating at every stage of book cover design - from paper to printing, format to finishing, photography to illustration and typography to layout. So whether you are looking for a charming cover for your memory book or for the next best seller, we have something wonderful waiting for you.

The Cover Story service encompasses the foll:

  • Photography
  • Illustration
  • Typography
  • Provocative Title Options
  • Back Cover Copy
  • Innovation in paper, print, format and finishing
  • Cover Page, Book Spine and Matching End Paper Design
  • ISBN Number Provision if required

To get complete details, download our Cover Design Proposal (PDF format). Alternatively you could drop us a mail at or follow our blog Cover Story dedicated to book cover design.

Recommended Reads

When I meet people, the conversation inevitably meanders its way around to one question... "What should I read next?" It's not a surprising question given my current occupation and the fact that my workspace houses an ever-growing library. A great read at its slightest can uplift a dull evening and at its best alter your life... so save yourself the hassle and drop us a mail at to find out what book you should read next.

Simply write in a book, an author or a genre that you really like and we will provide recommendations that are most likely to be compatible with your reading preferences.

*This service is free of charge

Paper Couture

Paper Couture are exquisite bespoke paper goods crafted by The Ink Pot to satiate your personal paper needs. We provide luxury personalized stationary - elegantly designed & printed on the finest papers.

We make invitations, diaries, notebooks, personal letterheads & envelopes and personalized gift cards and wrapping paper.

If you would like to know more, please contact us or drop a mail to

Book Trailers

The newest, coolest way to promote your book is with an internet based promotional video. These videos are designed to build interest in an upcoming or current title, spread the buzz and also encourage people to buy the book. With the book trailer we aim to transform written words into an intriguing amalgamation of audio-visuals. The trick is to convey a sense of what the book is about without giving too much away.

  • Length: 1- 3 minutes
  • Time taken to create: 1 week
  • Price upon request

The video will be created and hosted on YouTube (20 million visitors per month), your website and our website.

See sample book trailer

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