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Contact Details provided for the following interested parties:

  • A publishing house that is interested in contracting work to us or would like to be on our submissions list.
  • An independent author/institution interested in self-publishing.
  • A creative contributor who has a great idea for a publication.
  • A member of the press/media that want to be informed about The Ink Pot.
  • Trade Enquiries: Many of our products can now be ordered wholesale for your store.
  • Also, if you are interested in working with us, please drop a mail (with your resume and sample work attached). We look forward to meeting fresh creative talent in the following fields and are always interested in hearing about new products (for The Old Curiosity Shop), and would especially love to hear from artists and designers with new ideas.

    1. Writers
    2. Editors
    3. Designers (all kinds)
    4. Artists
    5. Illustrators
    6. Photographers
    7. Printers
    8. Paper suppliers

The Ink Pot
Publishing Consultants
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Kemps Corner,
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M: +91 9833204721

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