The Ink Pot Beginnings

The inspiration for The Ink Pot came from my first visit to the world's biggest publishing event - The Frankfurt Book Fair in 2008. Every facet of publishing was here, and as I strolled through the labyrinthine halls, I found my head spinning with surreal images: priceless antiquarian volumes, cupcake and champagne sodden aisles, stylish artist enclaves, talking books, themed stalls and finally, Paulo Coelho draped across a sofa giving an interview. This buzzy, busy, exhilarating atmosphere was at once infectious and deepened my resolve to contribute to this eclectic industry.

My love for books goes beyond reading and one could almost call me a bibliophile. I love everything from the scent and touch, to the rustle of a book. I have spent the most part of my higher education studying in England, preparing for this field and subsequently learnt the tools of the trade, working at India Book House (IBH), Mumbai before venturing out on my own.

In the spring of 2011, I set up The Ink Pot, a unique consultancy that provides bespoke publishing services to a spectrum of clients ranging from publishing houses to independent authors and institutions looking to self-publish. So, whether you are simply looking for an exquisite book cover, luxury stationery or for your manuscript to be transformed into a print-ready book, we have something for you.

Thus, through this entrepreneurial endeavor I would like to pay my tribute to the kingdom of books and to its wonderful architects; who create worlds from words.

Yours sincerely,

Pooja Shah
MA International Design & Communication Management
MA Indian Aesthetics

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