Welcome to The Old Curiosity Shop!

curio [ˈkjʊərɪˌəʊ]
    'a small article valued as a collector's item, esp something fascinating or unusual.'
[shortened from CURIOSITY]

Charles Dickens immortalized The Old Curiosity Shop in his famous novel of 1841, and similar to its namesake, The OCS is a virtual concept store of literary knickknackery. As you browse through the virtual aisles of this peculiar store, you will stumble upon the most unusual and unprecedented objects of desire created by plundering the treasure troves of world literature.

The OCS stocks limited edition, bespoke literary accessories that in essence, combine the word and the image. Each literary accessory has been conceived in consultation with different creative contributors. These contributors could be anyone from quirky copywriters to avant-garde furniture designers or street artists and everyone in between that can create something content-centric and fantastic.

These curious bric-a-bracs are an ideal gift for the thinking person and would be most appreciated by art connoisseurs, booklovers, bibliophiles or anyone looking to collect something beautiful with substance. In a way, you could even find some of these objects filling the gap of affordable art, as they are limited edition, bespoke and created by an array of artists.

Keep visiting our website for frequent updates on currently available items and works-in-progress, as we are constantly in the state of innovation.

Q. How do I purchase a literary accessory from The Old Curiosity Shop?

You can place your order directly at The Ink Pot (follow the instructions given below) or check this space for updates on availability at stores close to you.

Step 1: Browse our Website for any object that might pique your interest
Step 2: Contact us at The Ink Pot and we will enable a physical viewing of the same, explain its potential for customization and provide the price upon request.
Step 3: Since each object is customized and unique (not a mass product), please give us enough time to create it. Each object varies in the time taken for creation. So in case you would like to gift a particular item, please ensure that you place the order, much prior to the date of delivery.
Step 4: 50% of the payment will be collected on placement of order and the remaining 50% upon delivery.
Step 5: Object will be home delivered or gift-wrapped and sent to the concerned person with a personal note.

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