Coloured Rain

Product Specifications
  • Poetry
  • 21 x 22 cm
  • Hard Cover
  • 84 pp
  • Fully Illustrated
  • Self Published
  • Client: Shaiyra Devi, Priti Devi and Tarun Kataria
About the Book

Coloured Rain is a compilation of emotions, imaginings and observations of a gifted 16 year-old student, transcribed into verse and image. Penned over a period of four years, starting at the age of twelve, the poems trace the young writer's creative evolution.

The poems in this book, are juxtaposed with vibrant, eclectic photographs taken by Shaiyra on her many travels across the globe. The images portray the talented author's visual sensitivity and raw creativity without in anyway, trying to provide literal images to the poetry.

Sometimes magical, sometimes wistful, sometimes sinister but always enthralling, the poems and images encompass and showcase her emotional and intellectual diversity complemented by the creativity of her eye.

Foreword by Anand Mahindra - Vice Chairman and Managing Director of Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.

About the Author

Shaiyra Devi

Shaiyra Devi is studying at the UWCSEA School in Singapore. At 16, Shaiyra is a mature, culturally exposed young girl, possessing an innate creativity and vivacious energy, which is portrayed through her writing and photography. She wrote her first novel, Diamonds and Daggers at the age of 12, which was published in 2006. She was invited the same year, to read one of her novels at the Hong Kong Literary Festival.

Shaiyra also has a passion for nature and wildlife. And her travels to the magnificent and feral environments of Africa have translated into a love for photography, evident through the images showcased in her book.

Read more of her musings at:

Foreword by Anand Mahindra


Shaiyra Devi

I had so much fun. I'm so glad we found you. You were the perfect person.

Tarun Kataria

Thank you very much for the dedication and passion you put into creating Shaiyra's 'Coloured Rain'. Its fabulous! And while we are very proud of what Shaiyra has written and photographed, it has come together wonderfully under your guidance. You did an outstanding job with the book and were very thorough and transparent.

Priti Devi

I am grateful for Pooja who was an absolute gem, professional, dedicated and accommodating and yes, the book turned out wonderfully. It was snapped up by one of the biggest book distributors in Singapore and is now in the leading book stores here. The National Libraray which works the Literary Week has taken a copy to introduce it at the next festival. Shaiyra has been interviewed by the FM network on it and we have had endless compliments for her work.

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