Enchanted Forest Wall Art

At The Ink Pot, as one of our creative initiatives we design and digitally print custom wallpapers by the square foot. Recruiting community-based artists and designers, we are constantly on the hunt for exciting ideas from any inspiration. Literature, illustration, photography, graphic design, art, books and the Internet provide the inspiration; the walls provide the medium.

This idea was born out of the need for bespoke walls that could tell a tale about the person or a brand, become a conversation starter and replace the need for expensive art.

About the Wall

Renowned architects Ajit & Shilpi had recently designed Ami Javeri's residence at Bellisimo. However, Ami wanted her room that she shared with her husband to reflect her sophisticated, fashion forward and feminine personality. The beautiful home boasted of works by leading Indian artists such as M F Hussain and embodied a traditional Indian aesthetic. The brief, I received was to create a classic design that would be a conversation starter but would not encroach upon the overall style of the room/house and would be beautiful yet non intrusive and timeless.

After much deliberation and research I decided to stick to the timeless theme of flora and fauna that would be soothing, warm, airy and enduring (think an Indian version of the Avatar forest). I sought inspiration from foliage in Indian miniature painting and combined that with the ornate and edgy style of embellishment used in certain children's books (see ref pictures). The illustrated landscape depicted depth and also captured a magical scene deep in a lush forest. We chose to make the point of focus a pair of majestic peacocks perched on a tree branch in the foreground (an allusion to the couple) and made the artwork in the background more interesting by mixing up various wild shrubbery. The colors were kept classic gold and beige to match the overall theme of neutrals used abundantly in the home with splashes of pastels in strategic places. The end result is a bedroom that opens into an enchanted forest where all kinds of magic can take place!

About the Client

Ami Javeri

Ami Javeri an arts graduate from SVA, New York, is the owner of the upscale fashion boutique CREO at Kempscorner.

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