Product Specifications
  • Oil/Acrylic on canvas
  • Charcoal on paper
  • Pen & Ink
  • Digital Sketch
About FRAMED - Commissioned Portraiture

Portraits are a lasting tribute to someone you love, an heirloom for generations to come. A portrait must also be a beautiful painting, not just a likeness. Our paintings will astound you with their realism of character. The soul will be mirrored in the face and eyes. Our goal is to capture the subject exactly, as well as to incorporate the lifestyle and image of the times with background and color. The final outcome should be worthy of a museum and an asset to a home or an office.
Various styles and sizes are offered. Pricing is very individual, depending on subject matter, available photographs and content. Please contact us on for more information, and we will send you a sample of our commissioned portraits.

Selected Double Spreads


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