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At The Ink Pot, as one of our creative initiatives we design and digitally print custom wallpapers by the square foot. Recruiting community-based artists and designers, we are constantly on the hunt for exciting ideas from any inspiration. Literature, illustration, photography, graphic design, art, books and the Internet provide the inspiration; the walls provide the medium. This idea was born out of the need for bespoke walls that could tell a tale about the person or a brand, become a conversation starter and replace the need for expensive art.

About the Wall

The Sharekhan office at Ruby Mills was a typical financial firm and lacked the vivacity and colors that one would usually find in a creative firm. However, as the brand belonged to a sober industry, we opted for a dichromatic color combination that tied in with the interiors and also incorporated the use of their brand color - orange.

Further, as the financial segment is visually lacking we carried out extensive research and put together elements such as financial cartoons & caricatures, inspirational quotes, top financial reads & blogs, most appreciated Economist, Wall Street Journal & Outlook magazine covers, graphs, the sensex tickr at the bottom featuring the top 100 stocks and several other such related elements.

The wallpaper transformed the long, plain corridors of the office into a lively land of finance that would interest the most bored onlooker. The pattern is not repetitive as you would find in most wallpaper but each elevation contains a different set of elements.

About the Client


Sharekhan is India's leading online retail broking house. Launched on February 8, 2000 as an online trading portal, Sharekhan, today has a pan-India presence with over 1,529 outlets serving 950,000 customers across 450 cities. It offers services like portfolio management, trade execution in equities, futures & options, commodities, and distribution of mutual funds, insurance and structured products.


"The wall truly brings the office alive, everyone who sees it is very impressed and compares our office to that of Google or Twitter" - Tarun Shah, CEO, Sharekhan

"A lot of thought and effort has been put into the creation of this wall and it does a great job in uplifting and tying the interiors and the brand together" - Nitin Killawala, Architect

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