Man of God

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  • Fiction
  • 13.5 cm x 20 cm
  • Paperback
  • 304 pp
  • Self Published
About the Book

Ram Mehta is born into a conservative Gujarati Hindu family in Baroda, who try to groom him since birth to keep pace with their religious, God-fearing lifestyle. But Ram refuses to be contained by the boundaries they define, his innocent protests gradually deepening into outright rebellion. At 15, he makes a self-discovery and a revelation: he is an atheist.

Constantly at loggerheads with his father, he trudges on to become a doctor. On graduating, he leaves his family and home to pursue further studies in England where, for the first time in his life, he experiences true freedom.

Years go by; he falls in love with and marries a Muslim girl, Sania Rehman, despite protests from his family. Estranged from his parents, Ram builds a new life for himself in London as a successful pediatrician, loving husband and the doting father of twins Sana and Samir. But he cannot forget the pain of being disowned by his mother and father. Little by little, it destroys him, until one day his entire world comes crashing down.

Now 41, Ram questions all that he has stood for and all that he is. As he stands on the brink of death, set to end his own life, he seeks to vindicate himself before his children...Ram’s life was always a battle of dharma vs. karma, but it is now a battle of good vs. evil – and only one can survive!

Will good triumph or will evil emerge a winner?

Will Ram succumb to these challenging times, or will the God that he never believed in come to his rescue?

Will Ram give up? Or will he believe?

About the Author

Karan Khanna was born in Mumbai in 1985. At the age of 16, he left for Bangalore, where he completed his high school and, two years later, moved to Melbourne, Australia in order to pursue an undergraduate degree in business management and marketing at Monash University. On returning to India in early 2007, he joined his father’s textile business in Mumbai, but his interests soon started drifting towards writing, a passion that he realized during his MBA application process the following year.

Karan dropped his MBA plans and pursued his interest in fiction writing, the outcome of which was his first published novel, I for India, which hit bookstores in May 2011. An inspiring and youth-driven patriotic saga about being the change in the system and fulfilling a dream of seeing India as a developed country of the future, his debut novel received a very good response and featured in the Top 10 list of Oxford’s Bestsellers for four months in a row. He is now in the process of transforming the book into a screenplay and selling its film rights.

"Man of God" is his second fiction novel, meant to create a stir in the mindset of India’s youth. It hopes to inspire readers to be the change that our country is crying out for: changing self before society.

Karan can be reached on the Facebook pages of his two books, "I for India" and "Man of God" and on Twitter – @thekarankhanna

About the Designer

Devashree Dhakras a graduate from the prestigious J.J. Institute is a wonderfully imaginative illustrator that experiments with various media.

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