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About the Book

A little bit of luck in your life. Everyday, for 365 days.

Throughout history, religious expression has deeply influenced the development of cultures and civilizations. Most of humanity’s religions are grounded in their revered texts. Sacred words differ from ordinary words. They are believed to possess and convey spiritual & magical power or to be the means through which a divine being is revealed in phrases full of potency and truth.

These sacred writings are believed to be fortuitous and when it comes to luck, there’s one thing everyone can agree upon: you can never have too much of it. So we bring to you our very own harbinger of good fortune – The Lucky Diary 2016. A lucky charm packed with the power of these hallowed scriptures. A talisman you can write in and keep with you at all times, this delightfully uplifting diary will entice Lady Luck to come your way all year round.

This year’s edition is a treasure trove of the most entrancing literature. Blessings for each day and every task –brought to you from jewels of the world’s sacred writings. From the Hebrew & Christian scriptures, Islam’s Qur’an, Hindu Vedas to the Sikh scriptures, Buddhist Sutras and the venerated texts of traditions such as Zoroastrianism and Jainism. These are all texts that people around the world live by and, at times, are willing to die for.

Introduction to the 2016 Sacred Scripture Edition

Throughout history, religious expression has been a vital human activity, deeply influencing the development of cultures and civilizations. Today, even after centuries of scientific empiricism, India’s major religions are as active as ever, continuing to speak deeply to their followers.

Most of humanity’s religions are grounded in their sacred texts—foundational writings that crystallize the principles and prophecies of the faiths, forming the basis of belief.

Remarkable in their enduring appeal, these revered writings offer a revealing window into human thought, culture, and history. These ancient texts offer an overview of how people from different traditions have viewed the cosmos; a grasp of the core values of the world’s highly influential faiths; a deep sense of the culture and concerns driving the societies that produced the texts; sacred literature, reflecting richly varied traditions; and the words and insights of some of the wisest human beings in history.

The Lucky Diary 2016 is a superb compendium of the most entrancing literature ever to find expression in human language, literature that emerges from the mysterious depths of the soul where the primordial world of the sacred manifests itself most clearly.

Beyond the Hebrew and Christian scriptures and Islam’s Qur’an, jewels of the world’s holy writings include the Hindu Vedas, the Sikh scriptures, the Buddhist Sutras, as well as the revered texts of traditions such as Zoroastrianism and Jainism. The Sacred Scripture Edition of The Lucky Diary is a smorgasbord of literary delicacies that's bound to please a spiritually discriminating palate.

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