The Third Side Of The River

Product Specifications
  • Short Stories
  • 180 mm x 240 mm
  • Hard Cover
  • 102 pp
  • Fully Illustrated
  • Self Published
About the Book

The Third Side of the River is a marvelous window into Brazilian life and lore through a series of short stories. It is a celebration of narratives that stem from the blend of different cultures.

These tales of tricksters, magical creatures and Gods provide a peek at the varied cultural traditions and ethnic diversity of a country with a rich and proud heritage. Written in a lucid language that would appeal across generations, these narratives would find resonance in our modern lives.

Much like India, Brazil has a rich historical tapestry and having spent most of her life in the two nations, the author firmly believes that Brazil and India are more similar than we think and lionizes these similarities through her charming tales.

The stories are brought to life by provocative and exciting visuals created by an Indian artist, who has drawn inspiration from various traditional styles of Indian painting such as Tantra, Thangka and Madhubani.

What the reader gets, in the end, is a unique and intriguing work of cultural fusion that unites two of the oldest and most diverse nations in the world.

Foreword by Shobhan Saxena - Editor, Sunday Times, The Times of India.

About the Author

Jandira's passion for people and their cultures led her to do post graduation in anthropology at the Sorbonne University in France and at the University of Brazilia. Her thesis was about female deities in Afro-Brazilian religions.

Along with publishing several articles in different languages and writing poetry, Jandira is an experienced filmmaker. She has written and directed three acclaimed films, all in different languages: Saga dos Orishas (The Saga of the African Gods), filmed in Brazil and recorded in Spanish, which won her two awards; the French movie Nouchis Toutous et Fous (Bad boys, Bad Girls and the Mad), filmed in Ivory Coast, on life in an African Ghetto; and the English film The King of the Mountain, about a Bedouin healer in the Egyptian Sinai.

She is currently a diplomat at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Brazil, and holds the position of Deputy Consul General at the Consulate of Brazil in Mumbai.

About the Illustrator

Ulhas Moses is an artist and a graphic designer that holds a Master's degree in visual communication from the Industrial Design Centre, IIT Mumbai. His work is energetic, idiosyncratic, bright and dynamic. The unique aspect of his practice is the ability to combine the sensibilities of art-craft-design, and approach engaging, contemporary, graphic design with traditional Indian symbolism and ideology to form a new Asian design grammar. His inspirations are magic and illusion, oriental art, Leonardo Da Vinci's writings and sacred geometry.

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