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For Creative Contributors

The Ink Pot Co.; an independent publishing house

Unbridled creativity and a boundless imagination are essentially what makes the business of publishing so enthralling, thus using these key ingredients we would like to create works that are unique, memorable and collectible.

The Ink Pot Co. is an independent publishing imprint of The Ink Pot - Publishing Consultancy that was founded with the purpose of "publishing works thought to be unconventional because of their length, form or content" and to provide a platform for artists/authors to showcase their creativity.

Thus, our publications can broadly be divided into three categories:

  1. Unique Books/Content

    Books or content that challenges the expected stereotypes of narrative structure, content, length, book size, typography, image and design. We would like to undertake bold and unprecedented publishing ventures. For instance, in a novel I once read by Anna Holmes, the events of a woman's life are not presented as they occurred in time but in the lights of that night, completely defying conventional narrative style or take the case of 'Sumo' a physically commanding photo-book weighing 35.4 kilos, that pays homage to the celebrated photographer Helmut Newton and comes with its very own table! Or interactive, digital stories that use Google Maps, blogs and YouTube.

  2. Marketable Content

    This doesn't mean we are not interested in straightforward works that contain interesting and saleable content - fiction and non-fiction. Your work should clearly fill a gap in the market; have a defined audience and USP.

  3. 'Object Publications'

    At the Ink Pot Co. we like to create useful, design objects that somehow incorporate text. Each such object publication will be conceived in consultation with different contributors. These creative contributors could be anyone from quirky copywriters to avant-garde furniture designers or filmmakers and everyone in between that can create something content-centric fantastic. These object publications could take the form of anything from coasters, apparel, interactive storytelling, board games, pack of cards, stationary, furniture and so on.

    These literary accessories could also be created to complement and promote existing works of literature, for instance, 'Tom Riddles Diary' could be sold as a complimentary accessory to the book: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

    IMP: all the material submitted for publishing by The Ink Pot Co. must be creative, original and marketable

Who are we looking for?

We are constantly looking to engage with new, enthusiastic and creative professionals who share our passion for innovation and the written word.

They are:

  • Writer (Journalist, Novelist, Blogger, Copy Writer, Poet, Columnist)
  • Editor
  • Designers (Graphic, Fashion, Product, Furniture, Accessory, Web etc)
  • Typographer
  • Photographer
  • Artist
  • Illustrator
  • Craftsman
  • Film Maker
  • Any other individual/small company that is currently involved in making creative objects and might be interested in collaborating with us to create an object publication.

Submission Guidelines

So whether you have a brilliant project proposal or you would simply like to be added to our creative's database for future works, kindly submit your details based on the guidelines given below.

Your submission should contain the following:

  1. Overview of your book or object publication in one paragraph (200 words).
  2. Two to three sample chapters (+ list of contents) from your manuscript or three samples of your creative work relevant to the object publication.
  3. Curriculum vitae. Please supply a recent résumé of relevant qualifications and an explanation of your suitability for this project.
  4. Contact details.
  5. A link to your portfolio or 3 samples of your best work if your are an artist.
  6. A short paragraph on the unique selling point of your work and the intended target audience.

What Happens Next?

Your proposal will be looked at in-house and may be sent to various expert reviewers. Like most publishers, we have an internal process that we will go through before final approval to offer a contract comes through. Even, once a project is approved we may request further revisions in it. Please keep in mind that the review and revision of project is an ongoing process of development and it is hoped that you will respond constructively to in-house, publisher and reviewer comments. You should not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about preparing the proposal or sample material or if you would like to discuss any aspects of the project or the publishing process.

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