The Little Read Door

Seen in this picture is a kitschy door using Indian street graphics created for an office space

Doors have a special significance in our lives; in literature and the arts they frequently appear in allegorical situations as a portent of change, symbolically they are endowed with ritual purposes, and the guarding or receiving of the keys to a door, or being granted access to a door can have special implications and aesthetically doors create an impression of what lies beyond.

Then if doors are so important, shouldn't we embellish, prettify and personalize them to reflect what lies both beyond and within?

The Little Read Door aims to do just that, we can create a unique, artistic door for a special room or cupboard or any other furniture using book pages and pictures. The visual narrative of the door will be customized as per your interests and the context.

We will completely create the door with the wooden frame and a unique doorknob and get it fitted where required.

  • Ideal for a door in the study/den/library and creative office spaces
  • Personalized, one of a kind, conversation starter, affordable art
  • Some ideas for customization: Old Bollywood Poster door, Kitsch door, Black and White or Sepia door, Whimsical Fantasy door for children, Personal Memorabilia door, Gastronomy Door for a Kitchen
  • 1 week for Delivery
  • Price upon request
  • Email us on to place your order or to find out more

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