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Ink Pot; the self-publishing consultant.

Whether it's a novel, a professional how-to guide, a book of poetry, a cookbook of favorite family recipes, or a memoir about growing up in a foreign country, we all have the makings of a book inside us. From the dream of writing a bestseller to the simple desire of sharing a cherished family tale or a brand book, writers and companies have unique reasons for putting their words into print. Now you can actually get published and achieve your writing goals, with our self-publishing services.

At The Ink Pot, you publish your book with help from industry-leading insiders. Since we offer the range of professional editorial, design, illustration, photography and print services that authors expect from a traditional publisher, your book will be at its best when the time comes to compete in the marketplace.

Why should I self-publish?

  1. You don't have to convince anybody but yourself that your book should be published. Making a good case to yourself for publication of a work you have created should not be difficult at all. No one else shares the high degree of enthusiasm you have for your own work. Why give a third party, with intentions, interests, and priorities different from your own, the final say? Self-publishing gives you total control.

  2. If you have filled an existing void with your book and/or are able to create a demand for it, you will make more money than you would make with a standard publishing contract. Instead of a paltry 5 to 15% royalty, you could make 20 to 80% of the purchase price. Also, once your self-published book is successful, you can negotiate with a larger publisher from a position of experience and strength.

  3. You can see your book in print within a few weeks, or at most a few months, of your manuscript completion. The larger publishers most often work on an 18-month cycle or more, and that is just too long to wait.

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  5. You can get distribution for your book through and just as easily as Dell and Random House can for their books.

  6. You can preserve your own heritage, or that of your institution, in an inexpensive, quality format. Not everyone publishes to make a profit. Maybe you just want to leave a legacy with your family or share what you have learned with others. Your offspring and relatives will appreciate a perfect-bound book with a color cover about your childhood or war experiences or travel adventures far more than a musty photo album and loose double-spaced pages of manuscript.


The Ink Pot offers all of the professional services you would expect from any traditional publishing house: editorial, design, production, marketing and publicity for books as well as luxury, personalized stationary. What sets us apart from other self-publishing companies is that industry veterans provide our services and each book that we produce is uniquely crafted with a special emphasis on creativity and innovation. You have both freedom and flexibility and will be able to select the service(s) that you think you might require after the initial consultation.

  1. Consultation

    Think of this as your insurance policy before committing the time and money to self-publishing. A publishing consultant will work with you to explain the industry and to make sure you have a good sense of what's involved.

    This service includes:

    • An initial face-to-face consultation with the publishing consultant with whom you will spend about an hour talking through your idea, your progress, your plans, what you want to get out of your project and asking all your publishing related queries.

    • A project proposal + an estimated project costing + a project duration schedule that will subsequently be sent to you via email

    • Unlimited follow-up by phone or email until you've made your "go" or "no-go" decision

    Every consultation will cost Rs. 2,000 and will require prior booking of an appointment

    T: +91 9821512612    E:

  2. Evaluation

    The Editorial Evaluation is the cornerstone of our editorial services line-up. Industry freelance editors will assess your manuscript and offer you a comprehensive overview to help ensure that your title meets the basic requirements of a professionally published book.

  3. Editorial

    Typos and grammatical errors are not the only mistakes that can keep your manuscript from being a quality publication. Our editorial lineup includes several book editing services to lift the quality of your book to professional, marketable standards.

    1. Core Editorial

      Core editing services focus on improving the "nuts and bolts" of a book: grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, structure and continuity. These include:

      • Copyediting
      • Line Editing
      • Content Editing

    2. Advanced Editorial

      Sometimes manuscripts need specialized attention that goes beyond grammar, spelling and punctuation improvements. Our experienced editors take an in-depth look at your book's content and other high-level stylistic considerations, including content, plot and pace. Services include:

      • Developmental Editing
      • Book Doctoring
      • Ghostwriting

  4. Proofreading and Revisions

    Our proofreading services include a comprehensive check for both mechanical errors - such as misspellings, missing words, and incorrect cross-references - and formatting issues with margins, word breaks, headings, and letter and word spacing.

  5. Cover Copy Polish

    With our Cover Copy Polishing, the ideas you provide will allow to create intriguing copy that can help you clinch the sale. This copy will appear on the back cover of your book.

  6. Book Formats

    Through digital print-on-demand (POD) technology, we can offer our authors three distinct formats for their books including:

    1. Print Formats

      • Softcover Publishing
      • Hardcover Publishing

    2. Electronic Formats

      Digital Format (eBook)

      1. Formatting your book to be published in the Amazon Kindle Format
      2. Digital conversion and distribution via multiple online channels and native catalogs of top e-reading apps such as the Apple iPad
        Also enquire about making your manuscript available for distribution via major online retailers such as Barnes and Noble, Sony, Kobo, Amazon and formatting it for the latest sensation in the world of publishing, the Apple iPad.
  7. Design

    Our team will work with you - incorporating photos, graphics, sketches and ideas - to create a professional book that beautifully represents your book's contents.

    1. Interior Page Layout: Master Pages, Table of Contents, Image insertion, Text, pagination, table creation, footnote formatting, headers etc.
    2. Cover Design: When you publish a book with The Ink Pot, we will work with you to create a unique book cover that exceeds your expectations. The cover will be created using innovation in typography, paper, graphics, illustration, photography or printing technology.

  8. Researching

    Informational researchers will gather data, statistics and other information; and photo researchers will research required images for your book.

  9. Illustrations and Photography

    You can tap the skills of talented artists and photographers to create customized artworks for your book or decide to work with stock illustrations and images.

  10. Production Services

    1. Digital Prepress Services

      Hi-res scanning, image editing, artwork creation, digital proofing, image setting, color separation, image manipulation & retouching, color management

    2. Paper Selection, Printing and Binding

      You can select from a diverse range of colored and textured papers that best matches the tone of your project

      • Digital Printings
      • Offset printing

  11. Marketing

    If you want your book to sell, you'll want to do more than just hope for the best. Our selection of promotional products and services allows authors to build a dynamic platform for effective bookselling and promotion. Strengthen your marketing plan with some of our virtual promotional tools.

    Digital Marketing

    The Internet is the fastest-growing marketplace for books. As a published author, you're in a great position to take advantage of the Web as a powerful marketing and sales tool. Services include:

    • Author Website Setup
    • Social Media Marketing Setup (using Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and personal blog platforms)
    • Amazon Book Search
    • Promotional Emailer
    • Book Trailer (A unique and exciting way of marketing your book by creating a short audio visual teaser of your book that can be placed on you tube and similar)

  12. Registration

    1. Copyright Registration: The minute you write and publish something, you have the copyright by default although it helps to formalize it by registering. For more information, you can refer to the detailed handbook for public use on copyright provided by The Ministry of Human Resource Development:

      We can help you register your work at the copyright office in India

    2. ISBN Registration: ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number, a unique code that can be assigned to a book. While an ISBN is not required to publish a book; it is a good idea to get one for your book, especially if you want to sell it through standard book distribution channel. We will help you procure the ISBN from Raja Rammohan Roy National Agency for ISBN, New Delhi.

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