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Ink Pot; the book packager.

The Ink Pot is an independent book packager specializing in illustrated fiction and non-fiction publications. We perform all the creative and production functions commonly performed by a publishing house (editorial + production) with the exception of sales and distribution. We realize projects from concept to bound books or will attend to any stage, or stages, of the publishing process as per your requirement.

Why should a publishing house work with an independent book packager?

Book packagers help publishers do more

  • In recent times, publishing houses have had to streamline their staff but yet have to produce the same number of books; we help fill this gap.

  • Sometimes when a publisher realizes that a book is running late and must get out on a very tight schedule, they can outsource the project to us and we will then shepherd the book through to completion.

  • We specialize in complicated books. A complicated book is just about any book that involves more than a straightforward, single-author text. Creating complicated books is a labor-intensive craft that often involves whole teams of writers, editors, designers, illustrators, photographers, researchers, and other specialized talent whose separate contributions will be integrated into a seamless whole by us.

  • We know publishing. Our team comprises of generalists and specialists that have worked in the publishing industry for years and are either knowledgeable about every aspect of the publishing process or specialize in a particular related function.

  • We produce original ideas. Our innovative packaged books can expand a publisher's list with titles they can't get anywhere else.

How does it work?

We generally work with publishers in one of two ways:

  1. Publishing Houses may hire us to develop and execute in-house ideas. We are willing to help shape your ideas into viable projects. We can manage an entire project or simply perform a particular function.

  2. We are buzzing with the most exciting and innovative ideas around. Publishing Houses may acquire our original submissions for book proposals by getting on to our submission list. We typically sell projects to publishers based on a proposal. We will produce the book only once the project has been sold. The sale to the publisher finances the book's creation. Finally, depending on the arrangement, we may deliver as a final product to the publisher a polished manuscript, printer-ready files, or finished books.

To get on The Ink Pot's submission list, please drop a mail to:

Complete List of Services

We provide all or any one of the services listed below, based on your requirement.

  1. Project Briefing/Consultation

  2. Complete 'concept to creation' Project Management

  3. Editorial

    1. Core Editorial

      • Copy Editing

      • Line Editing

      • Content Editing

    2. Advanced Editorial

      • Developmental Editing

      • Book Doctoring

      • Ghost Writing

  4. Proof Reading and Revisions

  5. Cover Copy Polish

    1. Book Cover Design

    2. Complete Book Design (Cover + Interiors)

  6. Researching

    1. Information Research

    2. Photo Research

  7. Illustrations and Book Art

  8. Photography

  9. Production Services

    1. Digital Pre Press

    2. Paper, Format Selection, Printing and Binding

    3. Creating digital book formats compatible with the Kindle, iPad etc.

  10. Internet Marketing

    1. Author/Book Website setup

    2. Social Media Marketing (Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, Blog, You Tube etc.)

    3. Promotional Emailer

    4. Audio Visual Book Trailer

  11. Print Promotions

    Creation of any promotional print material e.g. Book Launch Invite

  12. Stationery

    Creation of trendy, themed designer stationery

If what you are looking for has not been mentioned in the above list, please don't hesitate to contact us about it

What are your charges?

As mentioned earlier, all our work is bespoke, therefore the expenses of each project vary depending upon its myriad, special requirements. We will strive to work within your budget and will also provide a rough estimate of costs + income projections after the initial project briefing.

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